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Anyone else notice that in the supposed “Bethany young” drawing, the roses are colored red ? Just like Wren’s drawing where only the woman’s jacket was red and the one in Ezra’s cabin where only the train was red? Could this be some sort of clue? Is there a possible connection with the artists or the objects that were colored?

(The Real) CeCe was buried in Ali's grave. 



I tried to make a video of this but my program isn’t working :( So here it is in essay form. Please read and tell me what you think!

In 1989, Jessica and Ken DiLaurentis moved to Georgia. Jessica was pregnant with Jason, by Peter Hastings, but she told her husband Ken the baby was his….

Amazing theory!! But maybe the name “Courtney” in this theory can now be replaced with “Bethany”, the girl who was buried in Ali’s grave?


I love old Amy Winehouse


I love old Amy Winehouse

Black Widow 


WHY is the Black Widow…a black widow?
Melissa is the only person on this show who has lost a husband, Ian. But the widow showed up dressed like that at WILDENS funeral. This makes it seem that the Black Widow was involved with Wilden but we never knew if he was…


Bethany was blonde.

Remember? "Tell her to stay away from the blonde girl."

I bet he was talking about Bethany.

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PLL 5x06 Episode Recap 



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Ali wAs sleeping at the KAhn’s!!!!!

Ali was sleeping at the Kahn’s during the same time that Maya was. We spotted her bag while answering this anon’s question. I love this find and think it goes perfect with our Did Ali Kill Ian Theory? It shows that there was some sort of connection with Ali and Noel even during that time (3.10).

Also, this would explain the whole “Maya Knew” thing. Maya knew about Ali being alive, not that Nate was in town like we were told.

Don’t forget this clue that posted:

I personally believe that Ali and Noel could have been torturing the liars …

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That's it, Alison is A 



I’ve been teetering on the brink of going with Alison is A, held back only by the hope that they’d do something different to the books and stick with Ezra, but now I’m going with it. What tipped me over the edge was reading this article (which is really good by the…

Pretty Little Liars EP Talks Aria's Killer Twist, Hanna's New Crisis and More 


Post-season premiere interview with Marlene King.  The most intriguing part of all of this, to me, is that early in season 4, they switched things around to accommodate a longer series.  I’m wondering how that came into play especially with CeCe’s role… the past 24 hours the thing I’ve been asking myself most is if CeCe was good or evil (we had so much evidence of all the horrible things she’s done!) and I’m wondering if Alison’s words last night exonerated her from those things so another character can be blamed.




so.. Lately (personally me of course) focused at Alison, her being alive, her- coming back, her- scared as fuck and needed help etc etc.

I forgot about main thing! DOLLS! Do not forget its all about that. Somebody is playing a game, sick game, but still. We have two blonde twins who argue about everything, even about their dolls. Our twins are Cece and Ali, who don’t only look alike but think alike too.. Those two have their own games, they did dress the same, they behave the same, they even started to act the same- Cece become Alison, Alison become Cece. Toxic relation became their lifestyle.

And dolls? Since the beginning we know that Aria, Emily, Hannah and Spencer . And seriously, someone is playing with them for a long time now xD Remember those words- I CHOSE YOU? Alison ‘picked them up’ and made them her best friends. It wasn’t like they were close group of four and ali joined them, she chose every single one of them. Spencer- they knew becouse they lived close to each other. Hannah, hmm. she was even more loser than mona, fat, outsider, desperate.. Em- sporty type gay material, Aria? outsider with her passions, with no confidence. Since the very beginning all four was playing in Alisons game, they didn’t knew about it, but hey, they had to know?


Look at the photo of the Alison doll with the bloody head AND THE SHOVEL. Hint that she killed the girl in the grave after she was attacked? I know what they are doing now with Melissa’s secret makes it seem unlikely… But come on, it’ll probably lead to another let down reveal and not a real answer