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I am ashamed that I contributed to this madness

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rnbwarriorwyatt: Do you think Emily loves Alison? I am 100% glad she stood up to Alison and I trust Paige way more but I am wondering if she loves both of them. She never said it but I think she does. I just am wondering what other people think.





I can’t say for sure, but I said somewhere before that in Emily’s behaviour towards Alison this season I’m seeing protective and concerned, but not really in love. She’s barely even smiled around Alison, let alone given us the goofy besotted looks we’ve seen when she’s been with her previous girlfriends.

With the porch confrontation this week I think Emily’s comment about wasting so much time on Alison was telling. Emily was prepared to give Alison a go, but when she finally saw that Alison was still just doing whatever she wanted and didn’t care about the risks to the others then Emily’s protective instincts, which had been all about Alison, finally went back to her friends who have always meant so much to her. I was a little disappointed she mentioned Paige and Spencer but not Hanna, but at least Emily is finally now not throwing everyone else away for Alison.

I’m still seeing a lot of “Alison is clever, she has a plan, she’ll save them all”, but frankly I don’t care. Alison’s actions are dangerous and unethical, whatever her plan is. Even if (and we only have Alison’s word for it) her objectives are good, there is still a right and a wrong way of going about things.

So, back to Emily’s feelings. There was clearly something there, but it didn’t seem particularly intense, and her regret at breaking things off with Alison was nothing like that of when she broke up with Paige. That said, she clearly cared for Alison or she wouldn’t have done everything else she did this season.

I have to say I’ve been surprised at how little emison we’ve ended up getting. If that really is it (and with this show you can never be sure) then I feel sorry for the emison shippers, because after all the promotion and #emison and all that they didn’t even have a real relationship. Even I wanted more emison - the dynamic in 5x05 was really interesting and showed how much Emily has changed.

What I’d like to see is Alison’s story, and her chance for redemption, separated from emison. I’ve always thought the show should be concentrating on Alison’s character development rather than jumping into a love triangle, and even more so now. Alison has changed a bit, but she has now also learned that she can’t expect to just act and have the others follow her, and if she wants to regain their trust (again, “if”) then she has to change her whole approach to dealing with people.

Of course, it’s also possible that she doesn’t want to and that there was never a firm basis for the friendship between her and the rest of the group, and that she will continue on as basically an antagonist, like Mona, which could work as well.


I think for quite some time, Emily was in love with the idea of Alison. Alison is a terrible person, but garnered friends by making them think themselves as special. When you see Em/Alison interactions in flashbacks, you see Ali say things about how Emily is special or that Alison is fascinated by her.

I think for quite some time, Emily had a soft spot for the Alison she knew. Emily is known for being optimistic (sometimes to the point of naivete), and her desire to rescue Alison and meet with her comes from a combination of Emily’s old feelings for her and Emily’s belief that people can change. 

As Emily began falling out of love with Alison (as she fell in love with Maya, and then with Paige), Alison was revealed to be alive and began acting kind to Emily as a way to say she changed. Emily fought against her better judgement,  Paige, and Spencer to hold onto that hope.

Now that Emily is beginning to see that Alison hasn’t changed, she’s realizing how she behaved toward Paige (who is a foil to Alison because she HAS changed for the better) but also to Spencer and Hanna. 

Okay, that was really long. Also, I really want to see Ali develop past Emison as well. 

Yes, yes, yes. And this is my problem with “Isn’t it romantic that Alison was mean to everyone else but kind to Emily”. That’s how these people work.

And those flashback scenes are still being used as evidence that Alison loves Emily, despite the fact that we now know Alison was boasting at the time of her ability to manipulate Emily. I still think this is an example of how people overestimate their ability to tell if someone is being sincere, and people like Alison play on that. We are literally watching people being paid to fake these emotions, but a lot of fans are still adamant that Alison couldn’t possibly been faking them. They, like Emily, wanted to believe Alison’s feeling were real.

queersonnyjoon: yeah i guess you're right, though alison could be lying about how she got the scar considering you never really know if ali is telling the truth


Yeah thats true you never know with Alison just when you start to believe her bam she lies and we learn she is keeping secrets. x

Secretly admitting to being A or just another big fat lie?

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Whenever anyone says “I don’t know how people can hate on/not trust Alison” , or they wonder why the girls are so harsh towards her, I seriously begin to wonder if we’re watching the same damn show

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analyzinga hi I just wanted to send this to you but I wasn’t sure how…


analyzinga hi I just wanted to send this to you but I wasn’t sure how…

Toby is A? 


I dont know if this has been said already but i was watching 2x12 and in the ending scene with A, A gave Dr. sullivan a envelope and she left. After, the waitress asked A if they wanted a piece of pie (could be another clue?) and called A ‘Pretty Eyes’. In 3x24, A (Toby) goes to meet Spencer at…


if melissa dies we riot

if mona dies we riot

please promise me you will riot

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basically pll 5x10 





Emily finally said what needed to be said.

werk emily weeeeerk

Emily just went from my least favourite character through all 5 seasons, to my most favourite one in under a minute

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